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Joey - Joey is a 11 lb apricot miniature
poodle who is 11" tall..  He has a sparkling
nature and loves being a daddy.  Joey has
sired several litters.  He is standing at stud.
Precious Pets Joseph
Oreo - Oreo is a 11" chocolate
and white miniature Poodle who
weighs 13 lbs.  This little guy can
steal you heart with his loving
personality and cute disposition.
Jacob is a 15 lb, 14"
miniature poodle.  He is 10
years old and has held his
red color very nicely.  He is
very friendly to everyone,
loves to go bye bye and
thinks he must know where I
am at all times.  
Skipper is a 16 lb 14" an
8 year old cream and
has made some very
nice labradoodles as
well as cockapoos.  He
is the dad to Hanna and
Doty's Oreo Express
Precious Pets Samuel
Sammy was
born here and
has just
reached the
age that he is
being used as a
stud.  He is 9
lbs and 11" tall.  
He is red.