Here are a few love letters from families that have purchased
puppies from us.
Just a quick note to let you know that Norbert is doing just wonderful. He is a great little eater &
sleeper, & has had minimal accidents. Took him to the vet today, & he proclaimed him 'just
beautiful.' I love him very much & am so glad he is here. Thanks for doing such a great job
being his 'first mom.'   Dana  
Dear Lori:
Hope this email finds you and your family happy and healthy.
Attached is the latest photo of our precious Indy.  She will be one year old tomorrow (January
22)!  She is a special joy in our family life and we love her dearly!  The K family.
Jo Jo is doing great.  She is spayed now.  She weighs 11 pounds.  She is a wonderful pup
and a great joy to our home.  I tryed to send you a picture but the computer would not.
Diane and Jo Jo
Hi Lori -
Just wanted to give you a update on Cooper.  He is such a wonderful puppy.  He is energetic and so
smart.  He already knows how to roll over, sit pretty and high five (along with the basic sit, down, etc.)
We couldn't ask for a better addition to our family.  One of the best things we taught him is to ring a
bell when he needs to go potty.  Now he lets us know every time!!  

He just got neutered last week and has recovered great.  He is losing teeth all the time.  The kids  
think it is so funny to find his teeth on the floor.

Thanks for breeding such wonderful dogs!! (attached is a picture for your past puppy page, isn't he

The Kerby Family

Hi Lori!!

I figured it was a good time to write you a "love letter" and tell you how much we LOVE our baby Holly.
Having never had a dog myself, I was a bit nervous and intimidated when we brought her home. I'll
never forget, the day after we brought her home she was so hyper and running around and I couldn't
get her to calm down. I got a phone call from my sister telling me that our grandma had just passed
away, and immediately started crying. Well, Holly completely switched gears, quit running and
barking, and ran into my lap and started kissing my entire face. Right then I thought, so this is what
people mean when they say a dog is the best companion you could ever have!

She's now going to be 19 weeks old on Tuesday, so easy to keep track of since she is our
"Christmas" puppy! Although we have gone through many "puppy" moments with her, she has been a
WONDERFUL addition to Alex and I's lives. She follows us around everywhere we go. Just last night
she was sleeping so peacefully on the couch, and I tried to be quiet when getting up to go to the
kitchen, but of course she woke up and jumped right off the couch and followed me. She will sit at my
feet when I'm on the computer, or lay on my lap to watch a good movie! She truly is not only man's
best friend, but also woman's. I thought it was such a long time when I heard that cockapoos could
live to be 15-20 years old, but already after having her for only 3 months, I know that won't be long
enough to have her in our lives!

She is such a girly girl, loves to cuddle with her "momma" and go for walks or sit with me when I paint
my nails. She loves her "Chewy Vuitton" purse, and all of her "pink accessories". At the same time,
when "daddy" gets home from work, most of the time at 2am, she is up and ready to jump out of her
cage for play-time!

She is such a conversation piece. People on the streets whenever we are out want to come and meet
her, pet her, inquire about her, etc. We have had mom's pull their kids out of line at an ice cream
shop to "go see the puppy outside". It makes us feel so good to have a puppy so many people fall in
love with as we did.

I'm attaching a few pictures of Holly from last night. While she hasn't been bathed or groomed in a few
weeks, this is the "true" Holly that we know and love. Most of the time when I say "Holly look at me so I
can take your picture", she will sit down facing me, and sit completely still until she sees the flash. So
photogenic our little girl!

I will forever be grateful to you, her first "human mommy" for loving and taking such great care of her
before we picked her up in February. I will always recommend people looking for a non-shedding,
loveable dog to give you a call.

Again, thanks for everything, and we'll be sure to keep in touch!

Karen, Alex, and Holly